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Steelmans are leading specialists in the design and manufacture of precision broaching equipment. We provide technical support along with full backup services.

At Steelmans we are proud of our quality and service. We have the level of expertise to cover all aspects of broaching technology; setting the standard for high precision special broach tools with the design, manufacturing and inspection facilities, to provide broaches for all applications. Combine this with our refurbishment, broaching services and machine equipment, and we are able to serve our customers as a single complete source for all their broaching needs.

Broaching technology is the most consistent and productive method of removing material. The broaching process can produce intricate forms to very high levels of accuracy and consistency. With over 30 years manufacturing experience Steelmans continues to develop along with the latest broaching technologies to offer you the complete package.

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Steelmans Broaches UK Limited is incorporated as a private company and is registered in England under the UK Companies Act 1985 with the registered number 5132692.

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Steelmans have manufacturing, sales and support sites around the world.

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